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Heart Rate Monitors- What are they and why a runner needs one

Heart Rate Monitors- What are they and why a runner needs one

The heart rate monitor comes in two parts: a chest strap which detects the individuals heart rate and transmits a weak radio signal to the receiver a watch you wear on your wrist.  Heart rate monitors are a useful tool for runners because they give instant feed back to the individual if they are running to hard.

Heart rate monitors watches help runners train within their target heart rate zone by monitoring your heart rate you get an accurate measurement of how hard or easy you are running.  Most runners don’t have problem training hard more importantly heart rate monitors let the individual know if they are running easy on their easy days.  Heart rate monitors can be set to beep if you are above (to fast) or below (to slow) your target heart rate zone.  Heart rate monitors are particularly helpful if you are training for a marathon.

The formula to help determine your heart rate zone is 220 minus your age giving you your maximum heart rate (MHR).  If you take 85% and 80% of your maximum heart rate you get your target heart rate zone.  The upper limit represents 85% (MHR x 0.85) of your maximum heart rate.  The lower limit represents 80% (MHR x 0.08) of your maximum heart rate.  While you are training keep your heart rate monitor between these two numbers.  When you train with a heart rate monitor you can set your upper and lower limits that represent your heart rate zone.  The heart rate monitor will beep letting you know if you are going to fast (above your upper limit) or to slow (below your lower limit).  Since you will know instantly if you are above or below your target heart rate zone you can adjust your pace accordingly.

After you finish running the heart rate monitor will tell you how long you where above, below or within your target heart rate zone, average heart rate and calories burned.

Deciding on which heart rate monitor to get depends on the extra features you want.  Bottom line is all of them will answer the question am I training hard and easy enough.  By measuring your heart rate you get an accurate measure of how hard you really are training and more importantly are you running easy on your easy days to let enable body recover for the next hard workout.

Training within your target zone will help your body adjust to the pace you will be running for your marathon. If you start your marathon to fast the result could be walking by mile 20. I personally trained for the Philadelphia Marathon twice. The first year I ran the beginning to fast. By mile 17 I was walk/running. The next year I was in the same shape but trained with a heart rate monitor within my target zone. I wore it during the marathon race to keep me within my target zone early in the race. I ran the first 17 miles over a minute per mile slower but my final time was 35 minutes faster finishing with a personal best time of 3:17, which qualified her for the Boston Marathon. For a larger selection of heart rate monitors than stores with color variation to fit anyone likes visit Web Warez