Running watches, GPS watches, Heart rate monitor and more

Timex, Garmin and Silva Tech watches.  Training tips and articles for the novice to the elite runner.

Running watches, GPS watches, Heart rate monitor and more.


Running watches, GPS watches, Heart rate monitor and more

Running watches, GPS watches, Heart rate monitor and more.

If you want to train smarter try using a heart rate monitor or a GPS running watch.    Most people have a GPS for the car why not for your runs.  This site has articles to help you train smarter like how to use heart rate monitors and GPS running watches to get the most out of your training. Check it out it will help any runner from the novice to the elite level.

Top Three Features For Your Running Watch

If you are shopping around for a good running watch, there are a few criteria that should be considered as essential.

Before you buy any running watch, you should stop to think about yourself as a runner.  Are you a casual runner who just likes to get outside in the fresh air every once in a while and run a few laps around the park?  Or are you a serious, advanced runner who runs every day, rain or shine, possibly even training to run in a marathon?

The type of runner you are should determine the type of running watch you need.   A basic running watch will suffice for the casual runner, while a serious runner needs a running watch with more advanced features.

Whichever type of runner you may be, here are the top 3 things to consider when you are buying a running watch:

1. Does the watch have a countdown timer?

Even if you are just a casual, occasional runner now, you might eventually kick it up a notch and start taking your running more seriously.  In that event, you will want to know your time.   A countdown timer on a running watch will count down from a certain value until it reaches zero.  You might want to keep up with your time as a casual runner, as well, to see if you can beat your own time after a set period.   For example, you might want to record your times every time you run a particular route for a month, to see if your speed has improved at the end of that period.

2. Does the watch have a clear display?

The last thing you want when you are out running is a watch with an inferior display!  You need to be sure and buy a watch with large enough numbers that you can easily see them at arm’s length while running.   Also, make sure that the stop watch display is adequate.  You want something easy to see and read while you are running, so that you can keep up with your time.

3. Does the watch have lap storage capabilities?

You want to be able to store each record of your sessions, so that you can track your progress as time goes on.  So, look for a running watch that will store the data of each session: speed, distance, time.

Before buying a running watch, make sure it comes with those three features! Then explore the roads with your new watch.

For The Special Runner in Your Life On Valentines Day

Need a unique gift for the runner in your life on Valentines Day visit  and click the unique running gifts to order a mug with this saying on it.

TIMEX Ironman Global Trainer with GPS Technology with Heart Rate Monitor- Product Review

Dave Erickson is a TV anchor and two time Ironman Triathlete. Below is his review of the new Timex Global Trainer with GPS technology.

It’s December and my triathlon season wrapped up in mid-September and I’m feeling fairly good about how things went. I earned my first ever podium spot at a Sprint triathlon in Rathdrum, Idaho in June. That was pretty exciting for me.

This season consisted of 3 Sprints, 3 Olympics and two 70.3’s which included my first ever Ironman Boise 70.3, in June. It was soon after that race that I picked up a new training device, the TIMEX Ironman Global Trainer with GPS technology with Heart Rate Monitor. It went Global in September.

This is the first GPS device to go head to head with the Garmin line of sports watches and for my money TIMEX is far and above the better value. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

My previous watch was a Garmin 310xt, a solid watch but a bit more spendy. Over the years I’ve had a number of different sport watches, some name brands, some generic, then as I got more series, I started using HRM watches, Polar, Garmins and most recently, TIMEX.

Here’s what I like with this Global Trainer. It was designed with the multisport athlete in mind and with a 15 hour rechargable battery life even an Ironman athlete can utilize all of it’s great features without the worry of it dieing or going blank mid-way through your race.

I’ve used the Global Trainer now in all three disciplines during training as well as full races and I love it! It works great in the water in part because the large display face makes it easy to read. It’s water resistant to 50 meters which is more than enough but like the Garmin it does lose it’s GPS below the surface; in the pool and in open water. It’s still works fine underwater, keeping track of my overall time, number of laps (up to a thousand if your that ambitious), split times, everything TIMEX watches already do, it’s the same system. And when I’m done I can review my workout. It takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours for a full charge. It comes with a USB port adapter for the wall too.

Here’s one of the features that is exclusive to TIMEX and the Global Trainer, after your workout you can download your performance to the TIMEX Ironman Online Training log software which is powered by Training Peaks. My favorite mode on this watch is the MULTISPORT. This is perfect for the triathlete. Not only does it have a screen for and calculate your swim, bike and run time, it’s also set up to track your T1 and T2 times, just by pushing one button. It takes the guess work out of racing so you can focus on the task at hand.

I’ve had this watch going on 6 months now and it’s the only watch I use when training; its an “all-in-one” training device. It’s worth every dollar I spent.

Once you use it, I’m positive you’ll be happy with your investment.

What To Do With Race Medal?

When you start running races one thinks it would be nice to win a medal.    After you’ve run a few races, and won a few medals you will be asking yourself what do I do with the medals now?  Our household has two adults that have competed in 10-20 races a year or over 24 years, and two children that have run a few races themselves.  So you can imagine the amount of medals we have in our house. Rather than stuff it in a drawer here are a few ideas.

Medal Hangers

Hang it up. If you have a collection of medals, show them off on one of these cool MedalART Wall Hangers. These metal, hand-sculpted hangers come in six different designs and can hold up to 24 medals. It’s a perfect running gift for a runner on your list (or for your own wish list).  Check out MedalArt’s website at

Create a shadow box display. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money to get your medal,   race photo and bib, professionally mounted and framed, try doing it yourself. Just buy an inexpensive shadow box at a local craft store,  fill it with your race memorabilia, hang it on your wall and you’ll have a nice-looking reminder of your achievement.  The shadow boxes some in a variety of sizes and are made out of wood.

Pin them on cork board (about 4 feet x 3 feet found in Walmart/Target stores).    This is perfect for children to hang in their rooms.  My daughters are 9 and 7 years old.  They started running 1 mile fun runs at the age of 3 and both have run a few 5K races after they turned 7 years old. They enjoy hanging the medals up and every once in a while they rearranging  them, using push pins makes this fun and easy.

Donate it.  Medals4Mettle (M4M) is a non-profit organization that collects marathon, half-marathon, and triathlon medals from runners around the world and distributes them to children and adults who have demonstrated courage by dealing with disease, handicaps or any similar challenge. The Indianapolis-based organization has a nationwide network of doctors and others who award the medals to deserving, courageous people who are running their own race. Check out Medals4Mettle’s website if you’re interested in donating a medal.

Running watches, GPS watches, Heart rate monitor and more

Running watches, GPS watches, Heart rate monitor and more.