You Know Your A Runner When-Part 4

Runners share a special bond and sometimes have traits, habits, or idiosyncrasies that only other runners understands.  You may be able to relate to or appreciate some of these descriptions.

  • You could throw away your t-shirt at the end of the day and still go an entire year without having to buy a new one
  • You could watch a whole marathon and not be bored
  • You get excited about being older because if the extra time you get in Boston.
  • Running cloths are your primary wardrobe selection
  • You think nothing of spending $100 on a pair of running shoes but buy your dress shoes from the clearance rack
  • Your running gear is always neatly organized yet you can’t ever find your regular cloths
  • You live in the United States and  actually know how far a kilometer is
  • You’ve had your running shoes for three months and know exactly when it is time to get a new pair. But have to look at the reminder sticker on your car when your next oil change should be done
  • You know how to correctly say and spell plantar fasciitis
  • You can say “I’m just running an easy 6 miles today” and really mean it
  • You know where your illiotibial band is located
  • You’re always hungry
  • You forget how to put on a bra with hooks, and you have running bras in more colors and styles than regular bras
  • You have run in public with nothing on top but a jog bra
  • You have running cloths and an extra pair of running shoes in your car “just in case”
  • You pack more running cloths than bathing suits when going on a beach vacation

If you have any to add please send then to me.


One Response

  1. Great post! A couple of extras for fun. You can blow your nose without tissue, you can calculate your pace off the top of your head…while running and you have know what Glide is and where it goes. Just a few.
    Happy running,

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