Top 10 Funniest Marathon Signs

If you have ever run a marathon you will understand how  funny signs the last couple of miles will help when it really starts to hurt.    They may  help distract you for a minute and hopefully give you a good laugh when you are feeling like giving up.     The last couple of miles you really don’t want to see the ones that say  “You’re looking great!” (cause at that point you don’t) and “Almost there!” (because you have  been checking my watch every 20 seconds hoping the GPS has moved to the next mile).  At the end of a marathon sometime even the stupid signs seem funny.

1.  “Humpty Dumpty had wall issues too”

2.  “Run faster, I just farted!”

3.  “You can do it Lisa Don’t Die”

4.  “Your feet are hurting because you’re kicking so much asphalt”

5.  “We thought this was a 5K”

6. “This marathon would be fun if not for all the running”

7. “Half Marathon 35,000 runners without being chased”

8. How you feel

9.  Yea- right! They need a lot of these signs at the Boston Start

10. At the end who has the bragging rights!


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