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Running in the cold or on a treadmill?

I have been a runner for 28 years.  Over  those 28 years I have run three marathons and tons of  5k  and  10k races.    My husband also has run for 34 years training for marathons, 5k, 10k and duathalons (run, bike, run races).  Living in Pennsylvania the winters get cold.  Several years ago we spent a few weeks looking for a treadmill that we could both use.  Since my husband was nationally ranked in the 20k at the time we had to find a treadmill that would be fast enough for his training runs.  We finally found one.  We set up a t.v.  near it to help break up the monotony of training on a treadmill.  At first it was nice to run in the warmth of our house.  .  However we both  personally enjoy running outside more.  After a few miles personally I start watching the red light that tracks you running around a 1/4 miles track.  The treadmill is now in the basement and used for the extremely cold days.  More often we use it when both of us have to run and are crunched for time.  This way one of us can run outside while the other one runs inside with our children playing in the room.  I like the fact that I can run inside if I want but I personally prefer to run outside.  My longest run on a treadmill is only 7 miles but my longest run outdoors is 30 miles.  Grant it the 30 miler was run on a warmer day (in the beginning of February so it is not really warm yet).  Outside you get to see more than a wall or a video.  I have several friends that have no problem running long runs on the treadmill but I personally don’t know how they do it.  All i need is my gor-tex jacket, warm pants, gloves and a hat and I am good to go.  Once we ran a marathon in January in Chambersburg,  Pa. at the start the race director told all the runners if anyone wants a 100% refund he would give it to us.  My guess is that he didn’t want to be out side in the conditions- 5 degrees at the race start (wind chill factor was well below 0).  But maybe all the runners trained outside so it was not scaring them away.  Does any one have any good ideas other than watching t.v. to make running on the treadmill more tolerable?  This way mine wont collect so much dust.  They good thing is my kids ages 9 and 7 have taken an interest in running and will often ask to run on it.  At least it is getting used some.


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