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Inspiring Running Story

Are You Inspired to Run? After reading this story you may want to lace up your shoes and run.

There were plenty of celebrity runners at the New York City marathon. Former NFL players and even the guy that lost a lot a weight eating Subway subs. just to mention a few. But the runner who grabbed the most headlines and the hearts of anyone cheering was Edison Pena. He was one of the rescued Chilean miners. He run six miles a day while trapped underground for 69 days. He had to walk most of the second half of the marathon and spent time in a medical tent icing his knees but he finished. Before the race he had said, “I would like to inspire young children to run because running makes you free.”

Edison Pena crossed the Central Park finish line with a time of 5:40:51 He was draped in a Chilean flag as Elvis music played over the speakers. The 34-year-old had a goal of finishing under 6 hours. All spectators cheered as # 7127 finished. If he didn’t finish he was still a winner in everyone eyes. He exceeded his goal even with the knee problems he experienced.

“First, I want to run this marathon, but secondly, I’d like to motivate those people who aren’t running the marathon to do so in the future,” he said before starting this morning. “I also want to especially motivate young children and youth to run because running makes you free.”

Pena’s trained in near-darkness, jogging each day while trapped underground in stifling heat and humidity. He and 32 other miners survived 69 days underground as the world waited. He said “running was his salvation” his way of proving how much he wanted to live. He cut his steel-tipped boots down to ankle height so he could train each morning and afternoon along the rocky, muddy 1,000-yard corridor where they were trapped. He dragged a large wooden pallet, that was attached to a cord tied to his waist to build up strength. NYC Marathon officials heard about Pena’s subterranean training and planned to invite him as an honored guest. But he wanted to actually run the race.

He started having trouble about an hour into the marathon.    At 14 miles “The Runner” as his fellow miners had nicknamed him left the race and entered the medical tent.
About 1 hour later with bags of ice tied to both knees he continued on the quest of finishing the marathon. He had a bad left knee that was injured during the collapse of the mine in Chile. This man could have given up when the pain in his knees forced him to go into the medical tent but he didn’t.

When the going gets tough think about this mans story and just run.


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