Celebrities Who Have Run A Marathon

Ever wonder who among the famous have run a marathon and where you would finish against them?  Here is a list of a few I found.


  • Lance Armstrong– 7 time Tour De France Champion who started his athletic career as a triathlete -2006- New York City Marathon- 2:59:36
  • Kerri Strug – anyone who watched the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games remembers watching her land her vault on a broken ankle- 1999 – Houston Marathon – 4:12:06
  • Lynn Swan – former Pittsburgh Steeler wide reciever- 1993 – New York City Marathon- 4:26:21
  • Pat Tillman – former Arizona Cardinal – 2000- Avenue Of the Giants Marathon- 3:48 (he left football to go to Iraq and was killed)
  • Amani Toomer– former New York Giants wide reciever- 2010- New York City Marathon- 4:13


  • Clarence Thomas– US supreme court justice- 1980- Marine Corps Marathon- 3:11
  • Mike Huckabee– Governor of Arizona- 2005- Little Rock Marathon- 4:39:04
  • George Bush– 43rd President of the USA- 1993- Houston Marathon- 3:44:52
  • John Edwards– former US senator- 1983- Marine Corps Marathon- 3:30:18
  • Al Gore– former VP of the USA- 1997- Marine Corps Marathon- 4:58:25
  • Sarah Palin– former Governor of Alaska- 2005- Humpy’s Marathon- 3:59:36


  • William Baldwin– New York City Marathon- 3:24:29

T.V.  Personality

  • Oprah Winfrey– inspired other to get fit and finish- 1994 -Marine Corps Marathon- 4:29:20
  • Ted Koppel– 1983- Marine Corps Marathon- 5:09:08
  • Cecil Tynam– Philadelphia channel 6 news- Meteorologist- 2001- Disney World Marathon- 2:54:36

Dimitrion Yodanidis– Guinness World Record holder for being the oldest man (98) to participate in a marathon.

I’d like to build another list of celebrities who have run a marathon so if you know any please let me know about them!


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