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Issues and Problems After A Marthon

This weeks Monday marathon is about after you finish a marathon.  After most runners finish they are excited to have finished.  One may have musculoskeletal, dermatological or medical complaints within hours or days after finishing.

Delayed muscular soreness is a common condition problem affecting runners during the first week following a marathon.  It is suggested to lightly message the legs or do mild exercise afterwords.  I personally try to go out for an easy walk the days following a marathon.  This helps to get the muscles moving, blood flowing but doesn’t cause any damage to the tender muscles.

Some of the dermatological issues include “jogger’s nipple”,  “joggers toe”  and blisters.  Jogger’s nipple is caused by friction from the repeated rubbing of a t-shirt or other upper body clothing against the nipples during a prolonged period of exercise.  The condition is suffered mainly by runners. Long-distance runners are especially prone, because they are exposed to the friction on the nipple for the greatest period of time.It’s an injury caused by friction in women who run without wearing bras and in men who jog in cotton T- shirts. The nipples become sore and red and may even bleed. To prevent this annoying condition, coat your nipples with Vaseline and wear a bra or shirt with a smooth, hard finish, such as those made of silk or semi-synthetic fabrics.  Jogger’s toe  also known as tennis toe is another complaint of runners.   Appearing as a bruise beneath the toenails, usually on the big toes, this harmless discoloration is caused by ill-fitting shoes and sudden stops which force the toes into the front of the shoe, bending the nails and breaking the blood vessels. Soft, comfortable shoes with plenty of room and trimming the toenail straight across, can prevent this problem.

After the marathon it is important to start consuming carbohydrates to replace glycogen stores and protein to aid muscle recovery.  Soaking your lower half of the body for 20 minutes in cold or ice water will force blood through the leg muscle to speed recovery.

The runners immune system is suppressed for a short time after a marathon.  Changes to the blood chemistry may lead physicians to mistakenly diagnose heart malfunctions.  A study in 1996 found that the risk of having a fatal heart attack during, within 24 hours after a marathon, was 1 in 50,000 over the runners racing career.  In 2006 another study of 60 non-elite marathoners  participants tested certain proteins that indicated heart damage after they completed the marathon.  They were given an ultrasound scan before and after the race.  The study revealed that the runners who had run less than 35 miles a week while training for the race were most likely to show some heart damage or dysfunction.  Runners who ran more than 45 miles a week training showed fewer or no heart problems.

Everyone has heard of runners dyeing in races because of heart problems.  This is very uncommon.  In 2007 Ryan Hall, a 28-year-old elite runner died after collapsing during the early miles of the Olympic Marathon Trail.  His death was caused by a pre-existing heart abnormality.  The runners train and do not know they have the abnormality.

These are a few issues you may have to deal with but finishing the marathon will be forever a memory.  You will forget about the issues after the race.  It is kind of like having children.  After you have one you think there is no way I will do that again.  Then a few years later you forget about the negative things and have another.  The marathon is the same thing you will forget about the negatives and run another.


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