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Your Sports Punishment Is My Sport

Any one that has played other sports as well as run can relate to this saying.  How many time did someone have to run laps because they missed a pass, or a goal, or maybe because they where late to practice.  Did this ever irritate you when you heard the coach yelling at the athlete and then tell then to run laps.  Believe it or not this really happens.  I played soccer for Warminster township while running high school cross-country.  I was often late to practice because of cross-country meets and the coach would have me run laps.  Of course I didn’t mind.  But how many athletes grow up and hate running. This was one thing I didn’t want my children to do.

I have recently seen this saying on several shirts while at local high school cross-country invitations this year.  I have two daughters ages 9 and 7 years old and a 2-year-old son.  They  have seen both their parents go out daily for runs even on the worst days.  If it is hot we run, if it is freezing we run.  We even ran when the “blizzard of the century” in  1996 30 inches hit the area we ran.   W hen we had our first child we wanted a jogger instead of the more traditional stroller some relative thought we where crazy.   All three of my children had logged lots of miles in the jogger before they could walk.  They all had different reactions while being pushed.  One yelled faster as we where breathing hard, while another lounged forward as if they where trying to help us go faster.  Our son sits up straight to see more of what is going on. All three seemed to calm down and get excited when they would see us get the jogger out. My daughters have the continued the running jeans. They started running 1 mile fun runs at the age of three and finished 5k races at the age of 7.   They don’t understand why other hate running.  I know this is only because they have seen Mom and Dad going out for runs.  I have wondered how many natural runners are out there but the individual never tries running  because they had a bad experience while playing other sports.  After all once your college athletic years are over most areas don’t have adult leagues for sports.  Running is something anyone can do no matter how short, tall, fat or uncoordinated the individual is.

Coaches should think about the saying this saying before they “punish” athletes.  I am sure lots of runners out there have stories to support this saying.



One Response

  1. We had a t-shirt in high school with this quote on the back. Worn out years ago, but I bet I could even dig out a picture of me wearing it while running.

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