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Old Running Shoes- what to do with them!

What do I do with my old running shoes?  This the question any runner asks especially if they have been running for a few years.  Both my husband ans I run so you can imagine how many old shoes we have around the house.  Here is a place to put those old shoes to good use without feeling guilty about getting ride of perfectly good shoes that have to many miles on them. This is in Bucks Country Pa.  but if you contact Kevin (see below) I am sure he will give some suggestions about  donating you old shoes to “Run the World”.

Wondering what to do with your somewhat worn and not too smelly running shoes?   This from Kevin Kane, husband of Bux-Mont runner Ilene Kane, “I won’t take but 1 minute of your time.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Kevin Kane. I am a local Bucks County business owner.   I happen to be married to a 5K, 10k, 1/2 marathon and 6 time marathon runner.  In my wife Ilene’s training, I have become aware of how many perfectly good pairs of shoes she goes through.   As you know, the shoes are beyond race condition but are in perfect condition for average use.   So I have decided to do something about it….I have decided to transform one of our company’s box trucks into a “RE-USE YOUR SHOES” drop-off vehicle.   The Program is called “Run the World” in hopes that eventually we will expand the shoe donation to other areas outside of Bucks County.   As of now I have made arrangements to donate all gently worn shoes to the Red Cross and/or Soles 4 Soul. Any shoes deemed “beyond use condition” will be forwarded to Nike for their shredding program which goes to used for playground base.  I am only asking you to send along word to your email list of runners telling them to bring their old shoes to the race for drop off/donation.  Please let me know any thoughts or feedback. See below for more details.

On September 19, 2010  we conducted our first race collection,  in Warminster, carolforheart.org, with only 30 registered runners, we collected 50 pairs of shoes. Also, we have been approved to place drop boxes in all YMCA’s as well as all Bucks County’s Sports Authority location. Thank You Kevin Kane Director ReUse Your Shoes.             email – reuseyourshoes@gmail.com or call C-215-852-8700


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