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Running In the Family

Our family recently ran in a local 5k race in Ivyland, Pa.   Both of my daughters  where excited to run the 5k and not the “baby run”.  It sounds funny considering Shelby is 9 and Paige only 7 years old.   They used to run the mile fun runs but now that they both have run a 5k the mile fun runs are called the “baby runs”.  In most races they have to compete in the 12 and under or sometimes the 19 and under.  One time when  Shelby  was  7 years old she finished 4th in the 19 and under age group.  She thought she had a bad race but we reminded her that the age group was 19 and under, she ran against some college runners.  Our recent 5k  was a children friendly race,  it had age groups for the younger runners.  They actually have a high school team competition.  They score it like a cross-country meet.  Several of the local high school teams run  the 5k  as a tune up for the up coming cross-country season.  The start is crazy because most high school runners go out to fast.  I spent the first mile weaving  around packs of high school runners that went out to fast.

Shelby has run several 5k races and now enjoys trying to pace herself.  She is only 9 years old but usually she runs her last mile at least as fast (sometimes faster) then her first mile.  This race was no different she started out easy and finished strong.  She was passed only a few feet from the finish line by a female adult that “didn’t want to be beat by a little girl”.  The adult told us later Shelby kept her running went she wanted to stop and walk.

This race was Paige’s second 5k race. She is only 7 but has also quickly learning  how to pace a 5k race.  The last 400 meters she was picking it up to the point that some adults would have a hard time keeping up.  She was passed at the finish line by a female runner.  The adult told us later “he was focusing on Paige during the race to help her not give up, after all if a little girl can run it so can I”.

Both Shelby and Paige and myself placed second in our age groups.  We where a little disappointed because first place received a homemade pie.  Maybe next year we will all win our age groups.


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