Multiple Marathon Clubs

Marathon running has become more popular over the last decade. Many runners have completed goals involving running a series of marathons.   This weeks marathon Monday blog is bout multiple marathons clubs.

In the USA a popular marathon series is to run a marathon in each state (50 states) plus Washington D.C..  About 350 individuals have completed the 50 states challenge.   Some  have finished the 50 state challenge 8 times.  In 2004 Chuck Bryant from Miami, Florida became the first amputee to finish the 50 state challenge.  He lost his right leg below the knee. Twenty seven runners have run a marathon in each of the seven continents and thirty-one have run a marathon is all the Canadian provinces.

In 1980 Terry Fox, who lost a leg to cancer,ran the Marathon of Hope to raise money for cancer.  He averaged 23 miles a day, close to his planed marathon distance for 143 days.   In 2003 British runner Sir Ranulph Fiennes competed seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.  He finished this despite suffering a heart attack and undergoing a double heart bypass operation four months before.  On December 14, 2008 sixty-four year old Larry Macon set a record by running 105 marathons in a year.  On February 2, 2009 John Wallace claimed to be the first runners to run 100 marathons on 100 different countries.  However some of his marathons where not official races but rather an individual run in the country (Cambodia) and some of his countries where not independent (French Polynesia).

September 15, 2009 Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 51 days and took him around the United Kingdom to complete. Before starting his marathons he trained for just seven weeks.

In Europe they have the run the greatest marathon club sometimes called the 100- club.  To qualify for this club you must run 100 marathons.  Richard Worley has the record for running consecutive weekends at 159 marathons.  The pioneer of running multiple marathons was Sy Mah, from Toledo, Ohio who ran  524 marathons before he died in 1988.  Horst Prisler of Germany has completed 1214 marathons and 327 ultra marathons.  Sigrid Eichner, Christian Hottas and Hans- Joachim Meyer have all run over 1000 marathons.  Norm Frank of the United States has run 945 marathons.

Another club is the compete in the same marathon for the most consecutive years.  Johnny Kelly completed 61 Boston Marathons.  Will Brown, Matthew Jaffe, Alfred Richmond and Mel Williams have completed in all 32 Marine Corps Marathons.  Jerald Fenske has competed in every Paavo Nurmi marathon running his first at the age of seventeen in 1978.  As of 2010 he has run 33 Paavo Nurmi Marathons.

I am sure they have many, many more  marathon clubs.   These are just a few to think about.  Just sit a think about what it would take to complete the clubs mentioned.


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