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Marathon World Records

This weeks marathon Monday topic is marathon world records and fastest times.

The official marathon distance 26 miles 385 yards was established in 1921.World Records were not official recognized by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) until January 1, 2004. Before 2004 the best times for marathons were referred to as the world best. The course must meet the IAAF standards for a record to be recognized. Marathons routes have a big impact on records no two marathons are exactly a like. Typically the fastest times are run on relatively flat course, near sea level, during good weather conditions and have a pacesetter to help the runners.
The world record for men is 2:03:59 set by Hailie Gebrselassie of Ethiopia on September 28, 2008 at the Berlin Marathon. This is an average of 4:44 per mile for 26 miles. The world record for women is 2:15:25 set by Paula Radcliffe of Great Britain on April 13, 2003 at the London Marathon. This time was set with the aid of male pacesetters. The fastest time for a woman without using a pacesetter is 2:17:42 also set by Paula Radcliffe on April 17, 2005 at the London Marathon.

According to IAAF the top ten men and women times in the marathon are:
Time                  Athlete                     Country                Date                         Place
2:03:5         Haile Gebrselassie        Ethiopia         9/28/2008            Berlin
2:04:27         Duncan Kibet               Kenya             4/5/2009            Rotterdam
2:04:27      James Kwambai            Kenya              4/5/2009            Rotterdam
2:04:48      Patrick Makau                Kenya             4/11/2010            Rotterdam
2:04:55         Paul Tergat                   Kenya             9/28/2003             Berlin
2:04:55         Geoffrey Mutai            Kenya              4/11/2010           Rotterdam
2:04:56           Sammy Korir              Kenya              9/28/2003             Berlin
2:05:04        Abel Kirui                      Kenya               4/5/2009             Rotterdam
2:05:10        Samuel Wanjiru           Kenya              4/26/2009             London
2:05:13         Vincent Kipruto         Kenya              4/11/2010           Rotterdam

Time              Athlete                           Country                  Date                          Place
2:15:25       Paula Radcliffe             Great Britain         4/13/2003           London
2:18:47        Catherine Ndereba     Kenya                 10/4/2001           Chicago
2:19:12         Mizuki Noguchi            Japan                  9/25/2005             Berlin
2:19:19         Irina Mikitenko          Germany              9/28/2008            Berlin
2:19:36         Deena Kastor              United States       4/23/2006          London
2:19:39          Sun Yingjie                 China                      10/19/2003          Beijing
2:19:41          Yoko Shibui               Japan                      9/24/2004            Berlin
2:19:46          Naoko Takahashi      Japan                    9/30/2001            Berlin
2:19:51          Zhou Chunxiu           China                      3/12/2006             Seoul
2:20:42        Berhane Adere          Ethiopia                10/222006             Chicago

Next weeks Marathon Monday will be about multiple marathons.  Some runners have attempted running a series of marathons for example the 50 states marathon circuit.


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