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Funny Running Slogans #2!

When fall arrives it means that the Cross Country season is in full swing.    My family goes to several cross-country Invitations during the season to cheer for the boy’s team that my husband coaches.  My daughters ages 9 and 7  both have run a few 5k road races themselves, enjoy going and reading the teams shirts.  While at the Invitations we see lots of cool running slogans.  Here are a few we saw lately:

  • All Out Or Get Out
  • Any One Can Run The First 100 It Is The Last 4900 Meters That Counts
  • Second Is the First Looser
  • God Created The World In Six Days On the Seventh He Ran An Easy Three
  • Your Sport Punishment Is My Sport
  • Rain Sleet Snow and 20 Below A Perfect Day to Run
  • Slower Traffic Keep Right
  • You Can Hide But You Can’t Run
  • Pass Them Don’t Pace Them
  • Run Like You Stole It
  • It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish

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