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Record Your Progress- It Will Help Your Future Training And Racing

How do you know if you’re improving if you can’t remember what you did?   By accurately recording what you run you can see patterns develop in your training and racing. This will enable you to train smarter.

When I first started running in the summer of 1985 I recorded all my running in a spiral notebook.  I would make a calendar grid  for the month and make each day writing area about 2 inches.  I usually wrote how many minutes I ran and the loop.  I would total the weekly mileage up as well as the monthly  and the yearly mileage.     As the years went on the  I wrote things like how I felt during the workout, suggestions for future workouts and my goals.  Be specific when you write in your log because you will want to know details if you look back to see how different workouts went several months later.  I often would write down the names of the runners who finished  in front of me and behind me.  The names of the runners ahead of me would help motivate me to train harder to beat them.  The names of the runners who finished behind  me where also important after all you don’t want them to catch you.

Now that you are writing down your daily training it is also a good idea to write down your race results.  How do you know if you’re improving if you can’t remember what time you ran in a race?  Again try to write lots of details.  You should at least include you time and place you finished.  I tried to also write what the weather was like.  After all your time is often affected by the weather.  I have run a 1/2 marathon in the pouring rain one year resulting in a slow time and the next year it was perfect resulting in a personal best time.  If you don’t write down that it was pouring your will forget why you ran slow.

Today there are training logs for everything  running, walking, triathlon, and ultra marathons.  A variety of training logs can be found at Web Warez Watches.com The logs have all kinds of other information in them as well.  Some logs have pace charts to help you figure out what pace you should be doing you track workouts, resources, and tips from elite runners.


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