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Having A Bad Training Day Maybe You Need A Training Partners

Running can be fun. This may not seem evident to the novice runner just beginning a running program, but it is true. During my 28 years of training and competing I have been brought back to two questions – why I started running and why I still run.

At first it was because my best friend and I decided in 7th grade to go out for the track.   After all if you are going to have fun doing something it should be with friends. Being able to rise to the challenge of running a marathon or running a personal best time is exciting. It is made that much better if you have someone who will share the victory with you. Training is really about socializing. You can laugh, share the latest news, or just enjoy having someone to run your longs runs with. Your training partner or partners will help pull you through a run that you do not feel like running.  As I entered high school my best friend moved to another school, but I still had the rest of the cross-country and track team as training partners.  After my college running years I found another training partner – who is now my husband.   He was nationally rank in the 20k but his easy days where the perfect pace for my hard days.    You may ask the question – What if my training partner is a lot faster than I?  My husband and I use to do the same track workouts and push each other (he was nationally ranked and a lot faster).  We figured out what we would run the repeat in and the difference in time is the head start I got.  My goal was not to let him catch me and his goal was to catch me. Having someone to train with makes a long runs not seem so long especially if you talk during the run.   Training partners help push you during the last 200meters of all your repeats during a track workout.  Your competitors in a race can help you achieve the personal best times by pushing you a little more than your everyday training partner. Ultimately we all run for ourselves, but having a connection to others weather it is a training partner or competitor makes if fun in the long run.


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  1. The people over @ trainingsketch.com agrees!

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