Marathon Day Tips

When you are training for a marathon it is important to plan not only your daily training but also your race day itself.  These tips if  though of before race day will help make your race fun and successful.

Pre-race meal – your body will burn 500 to  1,000 calories per hour during the race so make sure you eat.  If you are worried about eating to close to race start set an alarm to get up several hours before the  race stat to eat something.  If you set it out next to your bed, you could eat it and go back to sleep.  Just make sure you set another alarm you don’t want to be sleeping as the gun goes off.

Equipment – a good pair of shoes not new you want them to be broken in before race day.  The seams in socks, shorts, shirts and jog bras can cause chafing over 3-6 hours.  Rubbing a little of petroleum jelly in areas that may chafe will help.

Stay warm – Keep your muscles warm with a throwaway blanket/ top or keep a layer on until the last-minute.  Give it to a friend that is at the race on if the race has a bag check in put the cloths in at the last-minute.

Start Slow – use the first few miles to help warm up.  Don’t worry about what others are doing.  To fast early may equal walking later.  Wearing a heart rate monitor will help keep you in your target heart rate zone and help you not go out to fast.  If you would like to read more about target heart rate zone read the article  Heart Rate Monitors Training For A Marathon

Liquids – drink often whether you’re  thirsty or not.  If you feel thirsty it is to late to catch up with hydration.

Finish – After you cross the line keep walking to help your muscles cool down.  Begin to replace nutrients and liquids immediately.


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