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Running Injuries

There are many running related injuries but if you train properly you can decrease your risk of getting an injury.  Stretching (before and after running) will help keep your body flexible reducing the chances of getting an injury.  When you start stretching to make sure you hit all the major muscles start stretching from the head down or the feet up.  Stretch until you feel the muscle getting tight and hold it .  Warming the muscles up before trying to run is another way to reduce injuries.  The easiest way to have a visual for this is take a rubber band and soak it cold water.  Take it out and try to stretch it chances are it will snap.  Now take another rubber band and soak it in hot water.  Take it out and stretch it.  The one soaked in hot water will stretch.  Proper footwear will also help reduce injuries since many running injuries are due to improper footwear.  If  you have pain below the hips, look at your shoes first.  How old are they?  Are they the right shoes for me?  Are they the right shoes for what you are doing?  If you feel you may have an injury then you need to stop exercising, ice the area and seek medical attention.  If you seek medical attention go to someone who works with athletes not your physician because they will be able to help you return to running sooner.  Rest and ice will cure most running injuries but it is better if you never get then in the first place.  Listen to your body as you train it will tell you something is wrong.  Often you only need to back off or take an easy day or two and it will go away.


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