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Rest Is Just As Improtant As Training

Rest is half of your training. When you exercise you tear muscle fiber. You wont realize this because it is not painful and doesn’t hurt. When you rest the muscle tissue heals and grows. It is a simple cycle of train and rest that dictates all training for any activity at any level. Weather you are a novice runner or an elite runners you will have to train and rest. The word rest has several meaning when you are talking about training. The minutes between intervals, the hours you sleep at night or the weeks after the season ends are all rest times. Sleep is a serious part of training and staying healthy. If you are training hard you body needs the rest – 8 hours is considered best. When you are working out rest is considered the time between intervals. Your rest between intervals could consist of walking or jogging a set distance or time. The key is the time is slower than the interval which allows your body to rest before the next interval starts. The rest time during workouts will have to be shortened as you get in better shape. For example in the beginning of a season you may run 6- 800 meter repeats with a rest of 2 minutes between. But as the season ends you may do the same 6- 800 meters with a 200 meter rest between. The final form of rest dealing with training is the weeks after a season ends. It is also important you take a couple of weeks off after a season. By the end of a season you are often ready to take a break from training. This helps your body recover and get ready for the next season.


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