Running in the Family Genes- Paige Daugherty

Paige showing everyone her first medal

In the fall of 2006 Paige asked to run a 1 mile fun run race  at the age of three.  Running at a young age was not a real surprise to us since her big sister started running 1 mile fun runs at three.  However Paige had shown no interest in running before this   On November 25, 2006 she ran a 1 mile fun run at a local race.  She started the race slow at the first turn she was in last place.  Paige knew to start slow from years of hearing her Dad (who coaches the Boys cross-country  at our  H.S.) tell his cross-country team go out slow.  By half was she pasted about 25 children.  By the finish she was 4th girl and 13th out of about 50 children.  The race was actually only 3/4 mile but she ran the entire thing with only two very brief stops (to look for traffic at road crossing).  In the spring of 2007 she ran her first full 1 mile race.  While running with her Dad she started to complain about the rain.  To make it fun they started to jump in all the puddles to see who could make the biggest splashes.  As the race ended “Dad” was soaked and Paige laughing because she soaked him.  Paige is our second daughter so she tries to keep up with her big sister.  She was surprised to find out she was third in the 8 and under age group (at the age of three) and ran 1 second slower than her big sister at the same age.

Paige finishing

Late May of 2010 Paige asked to go out for a three-mile run.  As of that time her longest run was 1 mile.  My husband challenged Paige “if you run 2 miles without stopping we will get ice cream or Slurpees”.  I ran the 2 miles with her.  She talked the entire time and ran the second mile 1 minute faster I guess the thought of getting ice cream helped.  As soon as she saw her Dad, big sister and little brother about 1/4 mile from home she proudly told them we are getting slurpees.  She enjoyed her mixed flavored Slurpee.  Two weeks later she ran a local 5K race.  The race was held on a hot Friday evening.  But that didn’t stop Paige from running  and talking the entire race without stopping.  The runner in front of her said she worked hard to stay ahead of Paige because she couldn’t let a little girl beat her.  She was 2nd in the 12 and under age group- first place was her big sister.  She took her medal to school the next day to tell her classmates/ teachers what she did.  Paige’s self-esteem was higher after her 5K race.  She was excited when we told her the time she ran was only two seconds slower than her big sister’s first 5K.  But it took her several 5K races to run without stopping. Paige did it on her first try!  Now she did something before big sister.   Look out Girls Cross Country team competitors in 2017 the Daugherty girls are coming.


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