Top 10 Reason To Run

1.  To eat dessert !!!!!!!
2.  Keep up with your kids
3.  To keep you fit and healthy
4.  For the challenge of doing something that takes some work to accomplish.
Just because something starts out hard doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it.
5.  Long runs during a snow storm help push everyone out as you run to get milk
and bread.
6.  To win 1 years worth of Turkey Hill Ice Cream for winning a race
7.  Great legs
8.  When you go on vacation you see more of the area exploring it during your
runs then some vacationers.
9.  Get the “running tan’ without wasting time at a tanning salon or laying out at
the pool.
10. Each new run/loop is a new adventure.


One Response

  1. 7 – 10 keep me going for sure!

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